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01. Modification Services
02. Clear End Cap 3/8 Inch
03. 1Ft Clear Mounting Track 3/8 Inch
04. 3Ft Power Cord (Screw Type) 2 Wire 3/8 Inch
05. Splice Connector (Easy Type) 2 Wire 1/2 Inch
06. Clear End Cap 1/2 Inch
07. Splice Connector (Easy Type) 2 Wire 3/8 Inch
08. 50Ft Amber LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
09. 18Ft Cool White LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
10. 50Ft Red LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
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About Our LED Rope Lights

  Why buy from Orange Tree Trade?

  The Excellent Quality Assurance

We perform triple inspection to eliminate defective rope light before we sell into the market.

First Inspection - Manufacture

Our Manufacture produces rope lights with excellent quality control system which is certified by ISO9001, CE, GS, and UL. Each product will have a continuity and dead section check during the manufacturing processes. Any defective item will be removed before ship to Orange Tree Trade distribution center.

Second Inspection - Distribution Center

After received the rope lights from our manufacture, our inspection team in distribution center will perform 100% Quality Check. Each roll of the rope light will be unrolled and inspected again in order to avoid any dead section or defective item. Defective items will be returned to the manufacture. Only inspected items will be delievered to Orange Tree Trade store.

Quality Control 2

Final Inspection - Store

Our store inspectors will perform visual inspection to make sure the rope light is ON and the color is right which ensure our customers receive the right products.

Quality Control 3

About Our LED Rope Light

Greener & Brighter 

Our LED Lights emit the "Most Beautiful" and "Most Romantic" glow and provides high intensity, evenly distributed illumination. Our products have been used in a variety of decoration purposes. The end users will realize the benefits of a product that has an extremely low failure rate, saving a significant amount in operating expenses over the lifespan of the product. With the huge color selections, great efficiency and excellent safety performance, we are proud that our products are rated at the top among our competitors.

Dynamic Color

Dynamic Color

  1. We offer an astonishing color selections of LED rope light to suit different tasted of our valued customers.

  2. Our LEDs emit light of an intended color without the use of color filters that traditional lighting methods require. The result is truly dynamic colors.

  3. Our LEDs are made from gallium-based crystals and contain phosphorous to produce sharp and consistent colors. 

   Phenomenal Efficiency 


Save Energy

  1. Our LEDs emit an intense light while consuming as little as 10% of the current draw for a contemporary lighting source.

  2. Tremendous life expectancy - rated at up to 10 times longer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

  3. Our LEDs consume 0.48-0.68 watts per foot, compared to standard rope lights which use 5-6watts per foot. 

   Safer Alternative



  1. Our LEDs generate very low heat, which prevent fire hazard (arcing) and will not interfere with other electrical and electronic products.

  2. Our rope lights are extremely rugged and tough, so there is no risk of glass shattering or bulb filaments breaking.

  3. We use PVC rope tubes, which are non-poisonous, highly transparent, UV and pressure resistant, and with a temperature sustainability from -90F to 221F in normal environment.

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