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01. Clear End Cap 3/8 Inch
02. 1Ft Clear Mounting Track 3/8 Inch
03. 50Ft Amber LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
04. 3Ft Power Cord (Screw Type) 2 Wire 3/8 Inch
05. Clear End Cap 1/2 Inch
06. Splice Connector (Easy Type) 2 Wire 1/2 Inch
07. 50Ft Multi Color LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
08. Splice Connector (Easy Type) 2 Wire 3/8 Inch
09. 50Ft Red LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
10. 18Ft Cool White LED Rope Light Kit 3/8 Inch
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Portable Crystal Bead Red & Green LED String Light

Portable Crystal Bead Red & Green LED String Light

About Us
    Company Information

  • Found in 2007, Orange Tree Trade specialized in LED rope light for decorative purpose

  • Online retailer as well as wholesaler of LED rope light

  • Innovator of introducing a wide range of different colors of LED rope light
     Placentia Showroom

    Appointments are welcome.
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    Vision and Mission

    Best Quality, Irresistible Price, & Unique Product.
    Since the establishment of Orange Tree Trade, the company experienced an increasing demand of its products, which results in a record of success in terms of internal growth, price reductions, product selections and expansion into new markets. Now, our new vision is to provide ’Best Quality','Irresistible Price’. ‘Unique Product’. This reflects the support of our customers to raise our ambitions.


  • "Best Quality" was obtained by purchasing our inventories from some of the biggest LED manufacturers in different countries.
  • The manufacturers we co-operate with are ISO-9001 certified, and passed world’s industrial and safety standards such as UL, GS, CE, C-UL, RoHS, etc.
  • Improving quality is the priority and the benefit of a commitment to quality is the evident in success of our company.
  • We guarantee that our products are one of the best in the industry.


  • "Irresistible Price" was achieved by establishing trusting relationship with manufacturers, and efficiency achieved by our company size.
  • Orange Tree Trade does not rely on advertising. Instead, it uses a combination of carefully selected merchandise, and attractive prices to draw in shoppers.
  • Keep costs down with low-rent location, volume buying, and hard bargaining with manufactures, all to make attractive price possible.
  • Deal directly with producers. Many large retailers such as Wal-mart, Costco buy directly from manufacturers.


  • "Unique Product" was introduced by our experienced designers who have the greatest creativity to surprise the LED rope light market.
  • Orange Tree Trade do care every our customer’s need and taste. We invest to specialize in our designs and color uniqueness.
  • Because of our customers’ request, we will keep increasing our LED rope light color band in the future to satisfy our ‘unique’ customers.
  • Following these unique operation styles, we guarantee our products give every customer the most satisfaction.

  • Our ambition is to replace energy-hunger light bulbs with environmentally friendly LEDs, thus create a more energy-efficient environment. We hope that through our best effort, we can create value not just to our customers, but also to the community that we all reside in.

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USA Showroom & Warehouse

Hong Kong Office & Distribution Center
Unit6, 20/F Block B, Wah Tat Industrial Center,
No.8 Wah Sing St, Kwai Chung 
Hong Kong


Lester Magee (USA)
Eddy(Hong Kong)

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